Targa Florio Historic Regularity Rally

Palermo 04-06 May 2023


The headquarters and the car service park of the event will be in the Floriopoli – where the pre-race scrutineerings will also take place. The historic pits and the stands of the Targa Florio will be the setting of the 2023 edition of the competition. The event will have its start and the opening ceremony on Friday the 5th of May in the historic Piazza del Parlamento in the center of Palermo.

Useful information


The format of the race involves the use of “average-changes”during the same PM. The road book (one for each leg) will be delivered to each competitor just before their departure time.

The timekeeping service of the Targa Florio Historic Regularity Rally will be entrusted to the FICR (Italian Timekeeping Federation), as for all the scheduled races in the Italian Championship. The tracking of the effective passage times of each competitor – in secret points – will be carried out via GPS system.

“GPS transponders” will be installed on the cars in the race. They do not require the connection to the car battery, but to an external antenna that will be positioned according to the indications of the competitor at the time of the technical checks.

The route, specifically dedicated to the Targa Florio Historic Regularity Rally, does not coincide with the route of other competitions held on the same days.

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Organising Office: Morgana Camnasio (+39 339 7573832)

Sport Office: Patrizia La Delfa (+ 39 338 8590498)