In March will be time for the first round of the Classic Regularity Championship, sponsored by ACI Sport and ACI Storico, featuring beautiful historic cars. On the way also a new edition of the Championship dedicated to modern cars.

Work continues for the new edition of the Campionato Italiano Grandi Eventi, the prestigious title for classic regularity that competitively retraces the history of Italian motor racing. The series, promoted by ACI Sport and ACI Storico, will kick off in less than 2 months with the first of four seasonal events. The first round will come to life from March 14 to 17, starting the competition with the XV Historical Reenactment of the Coppa Milano-Sanremo. Next up will be the Circuito Stradale del Mugello (coefficient 1.5) from April 12 to 14. The third and penultimate stage will be in Cortina, with the Coppa d’Oro delle Dolomiti ready to ignite enthusiasm from July 18 to 20. The grand season finale will be the ‘Cursa,’ the Targa Florio Classica (coefficient 1.5) from October 10 to 13, reviving the spectacle of the world’s oldest car race.

The call to action, as every year, is open to regularity enthusiasts worldwide who want to exercise their passion by taking on a high-level challenge in the most scenic Italian settings. Defending the title of Champion 2023 is Mario Passanante, an exceptionally skilled regularity driver and prominent figure in the Campobello di Mazara school, boasting over 35 years of experience with pressure switches. Alongside him in clinching the title last year was navigator Alessandro Molgora, a duo racing on behalf of the Franciacorta Motori team. Their success will be celebrated in the coming weeks at the ACI Sport Italian Champions Awards in Taormina on February 17. Also receiving the prestigious award in Sicily will be category winners: Gianmario Fontanella and Anna Maria Covelli, Massimo Bisi and Claudio Cattivelli, and the Classic Team Racing Team.

Once again, the caravan of vintage beauties will be joined by modern regularity drivers in Campionato Italiano Grandi Eventi Auto Moderne, now in its second edition. The Championship for modern cars will unfold over 4 rounds, accompanying the historic cars at the Circuito Stradale del Mugello (April 12-14 – coefficient 1.5), the Coppa d’Oro delle Dolomiti (July 18-20), then racing at the Cisalpina Classic Race (August 29-31), before rejoining the vintage car calendar for the grand finale at the Targa Florio Classica (October 10-13 – coefficient 1.5). Defending the title is the winner of the inaugural edition, Giordano Mozzi, who will also be present in Taormina for victory celebrations with the Ferrari Club Italia.

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